9/8/2011 05:47:12 am

i would go to disneyland with my family and my bffewd or best friend forever even when dead i would ride a ride and i just forgot the name of it and i would also ride splash mouatin ;-)

9/8/2011 05:48:52 am

I would take a journey to Santa Cruz because it will be really fun and i would take my sister Courtney because i love her very,very,very much and we always have fun together.:)

9/8/2011 05:49:05 am

I would go to Las Vegas.I would bring my two brothers and mom and dad.I think Las Vegas because it is a fun place to go and there lots of places to go.

9/8/2011 05:49:50 am

I would go to germane.So I can see my uncle Eric.I would take my uncle and my other uncle.It would be a long trip.But it wouldstill be fun

9/8/2011 05:50:17 am

I would go to Japan. And I would bring my frind Carly and Colby,my family,and my dog Simon. I want to go to Japan because I it would be fun and you can try out new foods and do new things!!! =0

9/8/2011 05:53:03 am

I would go to New York. I would take my family cousins grandpa grandma.I would like to go there because i never been there and i think i would enjoy it with my whole family.

9/8/2011 05:53:05 am

I would take a journey to Iran and see the soilders fight for freedom.I will be a soilder in war and come back from the war with Jospeh.

9/8/2011 05:53:18 am

l would take christian and l would go to the rocky mountins l would triy to clim it to the top and tuch the sky. l want to go there because its a big mountin and it will be cool to see it and l never ever sean it ever in my life and christain will lick it to.

9/8/2011 05:54:19 am

I would go to Minasota. I would take my family . I would go because my gradma lives there.

9/8/2011 05:54:31 am

I thought of my answer right away! I love traveling and I have not gotten a passport. But if I did, I would go on a cruise. I would take the silliest person on earth(It's wierd, because he was born in the year of the monkey) My one and only dad!! I would take him because we love daddy and due ( my nickname is Duey!!!) time!!! We would stop at5, maybe, well, wherever the cruise would go! I can't fight where the cruise is going!! But, I would like to go to Europe and get some pure and real greek food. I would also go to Paris with Mrs. Myers!! I hopes she likes Spaghetti, because there's A LOT
coming at her! Well, Mrs. Myers and I wouldn't have to go to italy if we went to Olive Garden, or my home! MY DAD MAKES THE BEST SPAGHETTI EVER!!


9/8/2011 05:54:47 am

I would go to phillipeens,because i love the nice warm water there,and it has good food.I'd take my friend Ceara

9/8/2011 05:55:03 am

I would go to Hawaii beacase its pretty and the weather is nice there.To Hawaii I'll go with Meredith beacase shes a good classmate and shes funny,nice,creative,fun,and very pretty.p.s. I'm realy looking foward to it.

9/8/2011 05:55:37 am

I will go to a special place only if it is mario,and lugui because those are my favorite poeple in the whole wide world. I will call it mario,and lugui land.

9/8/2011 05:56:21 am

I would take trip to Tanzaneia,Afica so I can help the needy people.I would take my family because I wouldn't want them to miss out.

9/8/2011 05:56:36 am

If i could go anywhere in the world i would go to Hawaii. I would go to Hawaii because it is an Island paradise,it is also like the most beautiful place on earth. If i could take anyone with me i would take my mom, dad, joseph, and my little brother. THE END

christian labasan
9/8/2011 05:56:43 am

realy anywhere beside the desert because its too warm :)but my place would be greek!i would take my family clothes and milk (lots of gallons) and i need a humongis getaway!:) now im thinking of milk!:) but please i would not want to go to the desert:( my second would be italy and hopefully there will be a olive garden but if theres not that would be super pain :( i dont know what to write but still i like milk

9/8/2011 05:57:21 am

I would go to the rainforest,Hawaii,and the amazon.I want to see nature and learn about how animals take care of theirselves.I would take my familys

9/8/2011 05:58:07 am

I would like to go to go to JAPAN becuase I want to learn about a different culture and I like Ti quan do jujitsu... Iwould take Eli Riley and Catiemaree

Tommy Dang
9/8/2011 06:01:48 am

I'd like to go to Hawaii with my Family
and my Cousins.I would play in the sand and make sand castles. I would swim in the water then I would make Hamburgers
and a soda with sand and make sand people eat the food.

9/8/2011 06:04:04 am

I'd like to go to Colorado because I have friends there.

Mrs. Myers
9/8/2011 06:33:40 am

To Joey and Noelia,

I think you responded to last week's question by mistake. This week's question is "If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? What would you do, and who would you take with you?" Please post a new comment in response to this new question.

Mrs. Myers
9/8/2011 06:38:10 am

Chandler posted this comment on the wrong week, but I wanted to include it here...

I would go to arkansas.Because thats were im from.Or i would go to alaska.Wait its to cold there.I dont know were i would go.I mite go to Orgeon it seems like its warm there.Know i would go to Washington to visit Barock Oboma. I have a qustoin for you were would you go?From your studdent Chandler

... and from me to Chandler... I think this is a difficult question. I would really love to travel to many places in the world. I think most of all I would like to travel to Europe to visit Portugal, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, and on and on. Oh, if I only had lots of money so I could travel...

Mrs. Myers for Ricky
9/8/2011 06:39:37 am

... again, this was in the wrong spot. Here is Ricky's voice...

i will go by my self and go to the beach and have fun or i will go to mexico visit my brothers and visit my dads big house then from there i will go to and get a plane and jump off a plane that was the best journey

9/8/2011 10:03:38 am

I'll go to Hawaii with Meredith and Mrs.Myers.p.s. You have a good sence of humour Mrs.Myers. From your dearest dearest classmate Maryam

9/8/2011 12:01:56 pm

I just thought of another one!! (im at the Grand Theatre right now, my sister has the lead role in the play, The Little Princess) I would go to Africa or some place in need of help. True: the united states is very rich. And places in the world need help. I would get some food for people in Africa. Id be very happy if that could happen and I will try to do that one day.

9/8/2011 01:30:45 pm

I think this is really cool! I would go to the Rocky Mountains with Trent, but I wouldn't lick any mountains. We would have our own journey,because we LIKE adventures!

9/12/2011 12:45:02 pm

I would go to Italily and make pizza and spgeatii.I will have room19 with me and I will let them make food

9/15/2011 11:57:22 am

Going to the rocky mountains with Trenton would be spectacular,but I would also like to go to Greece and Rome.My worst place to go would be any desert because the temperature is way too hot.I would also bring my buddies Trenton and Brendan to Greece or Rome and our family.

Mar yam party girl
9/25/2011 05:02:13 am

I will go to the Fiji islands because that's where my moms from.I have lots of cousins and very close friends there.We also have a farm house.Even sometimes chickens go in my aunts house and sit on the couches and lay eggs.After they lay there eggs I go and take them and I ask my aunt,can you cook these please.And she does.....and I eat them and there so,so good.The next morning the same chicken comes in.And she looks for her eggs and I think to my self........OH NO! lM IN BIG TROUBLE!!!! And that's where I would go because that's the funniest place i know.p.s. And of course I would take my mom and Mrs.Myers.

Maryam lady bug gi
10/2/2011 08:58:21 am

I thought of another one... Ill take my favorite person in the WHOlE WIDE WORLD...MY BEST COUSIN!!!!! Me and my cousin will go to...Paris!! .p.s. I will also take my cousin's boyfriend! LOL!! (laugh out loud)

Maryam #1
10/2/2011 09:12:36 am

I thought of another one...I'll TAKE THE BEST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!.....My one and only cousin!Also i'll take my cousin's boyfriend!We will go to Paris! LOL! (Laugh out loud)

10/18/2011 11:40:32 am

I'll go to New Mexico because my dad was born there and this one time my dad toke me to New Mexico.And we had a lot of fun there like we went to the zoo,went to see my dad's brothers,went to Front tear (a type of place to eat,)and to stay at my aunt's house.And the other reason is that I would like to learn spanish.Or should I say espanol.LOL!!I would take Mrs.Myers,Teia,Mrs.Kinakin and Christan.I would take Mrs.Myers because she's my teacher,Teia 'cause she's my best friend.Mrs.Kinakin because she was my best 3rd grade teacher.And the best Christan because he is funny,nice,intertaining,fun,smart,caring,thoughtful,has cool hair,playful,cool,and....AWSOME!!


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