Thursday is the Day of the Writer. Your post this week should be a reflection about how you feel as a writer. I would like you to answer the following questions:
How do you feel about yourself as a writer?
What do you think you are good at (in writing)?
What do you feel you need to improve on?

If you would like your responses kept private, please type PRIVATE on the first line, and I will read but not post to the public blog. This assignment is due Thursday, October 20th by 3:00 pm.
10/18/2011 08:50:07 am

I feel okay about myself as a writer. I'm not the best (everyone knows that nobodys perfect). In writing, i am best at making up the story because I have a HUGE imagination. I feel i need to improve on paragraphing. i need help with that because I'm just not sure about how to paragraph. Question, Mrs. Myers, can we have a lesseon on paragraphing in RTI? I sorta understand that in a paragraph, you have a subject that you write on in a paragraph, but with me, every sentence is a different subject (going back with me having a HUGE imgination).

10/18/2011 11:54:54 am

I think as a writer it makes me feel like l am in the story while l am writing it .l am good at the end of the story, l make it funny because l want people to laugh. I would like to improve my skills at being funny and making funny comics .

rey bicomong
10/18/2011 01:40:23 pm

1) I think I,m a good writer.because there AWESOME!
2) comic book stories.
3) my spelling of words.

10/19/2011 09:51:47 am

When I write a story, I get to be similar to an author. I feel great when I write. It makes better when I keep practicing. Also, I'm using my imagination. I am good at making fantasy and adventure stories. I am also good at making a story that involves crime scenes. I'm good at using sharp, vivid, and creative words in my stories. I think I need to improve on my grammar and improve on my overall writing skills.

10/19/2011 10:46:51 am

I feel good most of the time.The only tmes that I don'tfeel good about it are when someone tells me write about this and that.I think I'm good at writing because it me a chance to experece myself.I think I need to inprove on my spelling.


Maggie :<
10/19/2011 10:52:22 am

I feel pretty good about it,but I sometimes can`t think of anything.
I think I`m good in the middle because in the beginning I sometimes get stuck,and in the ending I forget what my storie`s are about,so I have to read it over so,yeah.So,anyways I think I need to improve on is writing longer stories,and not shorter ones.


10/19/2011 01:00:16 pm

i think I'm a good writer cause last year my other teacher Mrs.Kinakin thought I had the best writing .I think I'm good at writing poems and songs because l love singing I like sing everywhere and me and my cousin write poems whenever I go to her house or she goes to my house .I think I need to improve my stories and extending them more better and just put down what i believe that's good to put down.

10/19/2011 01:09:27 pm

I feel good that I am a writer. I think I am best at sequencing events and writing them down with a picture.I feel like I need to improve on capitals.

Maryam popstar girl
10/19/2011 01:57:34 pm

I think that I'm a great writer.Plus I love writing.In writing I'm good at neatness and thinking what to write about.I know I can write pretty good.But I know I can do better.Hugs and kisses Maryam(popstar girl)

Mrs. Myers
10/20/2011 05:42:56 am

To Meredith,
Yes, we will have upcoming lessons on structure including paragraphing. It is definitely important to your reader to be able to follow your thinking through all that IMAGINATION!

To Teia,
Thank you. I have received your response.

10/20/2011 05:43:16 am

I think I'm a great writer.Plus its fun to write.I think I need to improved at my neatness.I know I can write.

10/20/2011 05:45:03 am

I think i'm an okay writer.I put a lot of detail in my story.I need to make my stories longer.

10/20/2011 05:45:54 am

hi my name is chandler. i think im a good at writting.and some times it can be had to write but i still try.writting is fun.

10/20/2011 05:45:55 am

I am agood writer. I could be better

mikie contreras
10/20/2011 05:46:08 am

I feel like i'm not an expert at writing but I think I am an expert at making a story of what ever story it's about.But I just want to learn more discribing words. So I think i'm a great writer

10/20/2011 05:47:39 am

i think I,m a good writer but Im, just really shy of saying it to the hole class. I think I,m good at the beging and ending. I think I need to inprove in the middle because I always get caried away.

10/20/2011 05:47:44 am

I think writing is a special gift. I like expressing myself and other people with new stories. Making things appear real.I just love it and I wish you do to.

ME(Tommy is #1)
10/20/2011 05:49:36 am

I feel good as a writer.I think i am good at spelling words.I think i should improve at knowing what to write.

Mrs. Myers
10/20/2011 05:49:44 am

To Noelia,
I'm not sure if "NO" was you, if so, please repost with your first name.

Please sign your name as it is with no additions (ex.popstar girl). :) Thanks!

10/20/2011 05:51:10 am

i think that writeing is cool and i feel good as a writer.i think that i am good at making storys come to life and i am good at doing periods to. i need to inprove on spelling and commus.

Mrs. Myers
10/20/2011 05:51:45 am

Angel, I love that you admit that you just aren't comfortable sharing your writing with others yet. I think a lot of students feel that way. I hope you feel comfortable sharing with a partner or small group for now. Eventually, I am sure everyone (even you) will be able to share with the whole class.

10/20/2011 05:52:20 am

I would be happy to make little kids be wrirters because they can incuregd others to be witers.I am good at making poems.I want to inprove my poems to be longer and briter

10/20/2011 05:53:06 am

1i think i am a good writer
2i am good at writing silly stories
3i need to work on my spelling

Mrs. Myers
10/20/2011 05:53:35 am

Eli and Ricky,

What do you feel you can improve on in writing? You left that part out.

I got your post. Thank you.

10/20/2011 05:55:24 am

I like myself as a writer but I don't like to write on paper I like to type.I am good at writing facts.I need to inprove on my handwriting

Mrs. Myers
10/20/2011 05:58:43 am


I agree that sometimes it is easier to type things out. I feel it is slower because I edit as I go (typing, backspacing, then typing again), but when I am finished things are usually neater. I have to say though, I do love to write and cross words and sentences out on my paper. Sometimes it feels good to leave a mess and come back and sort through it later. :)

10/20/2011 06:01:23 am

To Mrs. Myers,

Thank You!!!

10/20/2011 06:04:38 am

i FILL GREAT ABOUT WRITING.I THINK im good at writing storys.

Mrs. Myers
10/20/2011 06:06:19 am


What do you think you need to work on still?


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