Our theme for the next few weeks is "That's Amazing." Please think of some amazing story elements to post to this page, then take your elements, or someone else's, and write a story with them in your writer's notebooks.

Main Character:

You can copy the information above, paste it to your post, and fill in the required information. Happy writing!

Main Character: Jabbawocky, the misunderstood dancing alien from planet Jabba.
Setting: Planet JabbaBlabba in the Orion Galaxy
Problem: Jabbawocky is only good at one thing... dancing. The problem is, there is no music OR DANCING allowed on his home planet. How can Jabbawocky live by the rules and still be happy?
Thursday is the Day of the Writer. Your post this week should be a reflection about how you feel as a writer. I would like you to answer the following questions:
How do you feel about yourself as a writer?
What do you think you are good at (in writing)?
What do you feel you need to improve on?

If you would like your responses kept private, please type PRIVATE on the first line, and I will read but not post to the public blog. This assignment is due Thursday, October 20th by 3:00 pm.
Class, this week, we are going to learn how to use Microsoft Word to create a list. Please do not attempt to post an answer to this at home, but you can certainly be thinking of what you would want to say.

If you were a teacher, what are 5 rules you would expect students to follow in your classroom? Think about rules that would be needed so you could still do your job of getting information to your students while they are displaying good behavior. Make sure you are thinking of your feelings (as the teacher) as well as the needs of others in your classroom.
Finding the Titanic tells the story of disaster and survival. What do you think the survivors may have felt as they escaped the ship? How do you think they felt as they watched the giant ship sink into the sea? What about when they were rescued? Can you imagine how the survivors must have felt even years after the accident? Share your thoughts with the group on these serious questions.
I remember how difficult it was to have to force spelling words into paragraphs when I was in school. I believe responding to a thoughtful question each week is better writing practice. I also feel like seeing your classmates' answers is an added bonus. I hope you enjoy this assignment. Please remember to leave respectful comments, and at this time, I ask that you only respond to my question above and not each other. Do feel free to read each other's posts though. Happy writing! Mrs. Myers

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